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    Wild Magazine Features Exofficio and Ultralon

    Wild Magazine's Jan-Feb 2012 issue features the Exofficio Bugs Away Baja shirt and Ultralon sleeping mats.

    Summer is the perfect time to get out and about in Australia but insects can drive you round the bend. The Exofficio Bugs Away Baja shirt is the answer to this problem as it is treated with Insect Shield® which keeps bugs and critters away along with their potentially deadly diseases. The bug repellent properties will last up to 70 washings leaving you bug free to enjoy your travel and adventures. The Exofficio Bugs Away Baja shirt doesn't just protect you from bugs, it also has a 30+ Sunguard rating and a climate controlling ventilation system to keep you cool when working hard or when in humid conditions. 

    Ultralon sleeping mats aren't just any old foam mat. They have been used on Mt Everest by the NZ army, and are popular amongst families and ultralight bushwalkers or those who are out in extreme conditions. The 10mm foam is thicker than most, can't leak like an inflated sleeping mat and can tolerate temperatures as low as -70 degrees. That is because they are made from foam that has an even cell structure which is highly cross-linked, making it stronger and resistant to 'packing out'. Click here for more information on Ultralon.

    To take a closer look at these products in Wild, click here or on the image below.


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